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User Management

Updated Jul 30, 2021

This article describes user management tasks that administrators may perform in districts that do not use Clever. Such administrators should log in as non-Clever users. See Instructions for Logging In.

Creating New Users

The following types of administrators may create new user accounts as follows:

  • District Level Administrators may create School Level Administrators, Teachers and Students.
  • School Administrators may create Teachers and Students. 
  • If additional District Administrators are required, please contact the HelpDesk.

Creating Teachers or Students

To create new accounts for teachers or students:

From the top menu bar, click the Manage Schools link.

Click the Manage School button alongside the school needing a new teacher or student.

  1. Under Manage Teachers, click Add Teacher or scroll down to the Manage Students section and click Add Student.
  2. Fill in the fields as needed. Note the following:
    • All fields are required, with the exception of of the "Demographic Information" section. 
    • Not all fields must be unique. (e.g., Student SIS ID and Student Number may be duplicates, and a teacher's School Email and Alternative Email may be duplicates.)
    • Fields that must be unique from user to user include:  
      • User name
      • School Email (for a teacher) or Email Address (for a student)
    • When creating teacher users, you may ignore the Grade checkbox grid.
    • When creating a student user, the "Demographic Information" section (optional) allows you to select Text-to-Speech (if that is enabled for your district), ELL (English Language Learner), IEP (Individualized Education Plan), Race, and Hispanic Ethnicity.
  3. Click the Save All button when you are finished. 

Note: There are additional security settings for students that appear once you create and edit their account. These settings allow to you reset a student's password or exempt a student from testing requirements

Creating School Administrators

To create new accounts for school administrators:

Choose Users from the menu bar.

Click the Add User button. 

Under User Type, select Admin from the drop-down menu [1]. Under Roles, click the SchoolAdmin checkbox and the SchoolTestCoordinator checkbox [2]:

Complete the required fields in the User Info section.

Click the checkbox for one or more schools in the Schools To Manage section.

Click the Save All button when you are finished.

Changing User Names or Passwords

The following types of administrators may edit user passwords as follows:

  • School level administrators may edit teacher or student usernames and passwords.
  • District level administrators may also edit School level administrators.

To change a user's password:

  1. Choose Users from the top menu bar.
  2. Find the user account. Filters and a text search box are available to assist in the search.

To edit a user, click the user's Edit icon.

  1. Edit the User Name if necessary.
  2. To be prompted for a password change, click the Edit Password? checkbox.

Alternatively, click the Change Password checkbox.

Note: The original password is not revealed; you must create a new one.

Click the Save All button when you are finished.

Resetting Student Passwords

Teachers may reset student passwords for their own students by following these steps:

  1. Choose My Classrooms from the top menu. All sections belonging to a teacher user are displayed.
  2. Click the Manage Classroom button displayed next to the classroom where the student is rostered.

Click the First Name link for the affected student to open the file.

Click Reset Student’s Password.

Enter a new password into both the New Password field [1] and the Confirm New Password field [2].

Note: The original password is not revealed; you must create a new one.

To save the change, click the Submit Query button.

Managing Classrooms

School-level administrators may edit school information, and district level users have full district access to classroom information.

To manage classroom information:

  1. Choose Manage Schools from the menu bar.
  2. Click the Manage School button where a change is needed.

There are several actions available that allow you to:

  1. Add or remove students from classrooms.
  2. Edit/Change teacher of record for classrooms. 
  3. Create new classrooms.

Most actions require using a combination of functions.

Example: Transferring a Student from One Building to Another

To transfer a student from one building to another:

  1. First use View Classrooms for each of the current teachers in Building A. 
  2. Click the Manage Classroom button listed beside the class sections containing the student at Building A.

To remove the student from the class/school/building, click the Remove Student button.

Repeat this for all current Building A teachers and classes.

Next, click the Users link from the menu bar.

Click the Edit icon displayed with the desired student to change the school assignment and Save.

With the student now located in Building B repeat the process to place the students in new classrooms. Choose View Classrooms and Manage Classroom and use the Add Students button.

Note: Data from testing administered while the student was rostered to building A will remain with those teachers.

Example: Changing the Teacher of Record

Use the Edit icon next to the class grouping (all blocks after clicking View Classrooms) to change the teacher of record for those sections.

Example: Creating a New Classroom

To create a brand new classroom, click the Manage Classrooms button in the upper right corner and then the Create New button.

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