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Navigating the Dashboard


The dashboard will likely be the first page you see upon logging into ItemLogic. Personalized to your account, it contains shortcuts to the assets, banks, and "contexts" to which you belong.

View the Dashboard

The Dashboard includes the following key areas:

  1. Item Banks: click an item bank to see all items currently in the bank.
  2. Item Bank Management: add or remove item banks from the dashboard
  3. View Items: view and manage items with various status values such as items you've drafted, items needing moderation, etc.
  4. Item Bank Menu: select an item bank and view all its items.
  5. Context Menu: Select a context and view all its item banks. You can also work with Projects, Assessments, Users, Committees, Review Stacks, Ratings, Stylesheets, Blueprints, Calibrations, and your company Settings. Company settings allows you to: work with settings for API access; upload a company logo; access user privileges; and select standards sets.
  6. Standards Browser: access the Standards Browser, Exports, Assessments, Media Requests, or the API Explorer.
  7. Account Settings: manage your account settings, access ItemLogic Online Help, and log out.

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