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Editing a Published Item


You can edit published items. To edit a published item, you can choose to checkout and edit the item without unpublishing it, unpublish the item and edit it, or create a new version of the item.

Open Item Editor

Open Item Pulbisher

Right-click and select the Edit Item option.

Select Edit Option

Select Edit Optoin

Select an edit option.

  1. Checkout and Edit This Version - the item remains published but is checked out for editing. If you have connections to external platforms, the item remains published in the external platforms.
  2. Unlock and Edit This Version - If the item is published, the item becomes unpublished, unlocked, and checked out for editing. Its status becomes "In Development." If you have connections to external platforms, the item becomes unpublished/archived in the external platforms.
  3. Create New Version - Creates a new version of the item and opens the new version for editing. Learn more about creating new versions of an item.

Then click the Continue button [4].

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