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Creating a New Version of an Item


If you want to make changes to a published or locked item, you can unlock and edit the item, or you can create a new version of the item. Creating a new version can be helpful if the old version should be kept for historical viewing purposes, but you want a new version available. A new version of an item is initially exactly like the original, but you can make any edits you need. The new version has its own Global Unique Identifier (GUID) and Local ID, but it has the same Item Code and Vendor ID (if applicable) as the original version.

Open Item for Editing

Locate the item and select the option to edit it. For example, locate the item on the item list page, right-click on it, and select Edit Item.

Create New Version

In the dialogue box, select Create New Version and click Continue. The new version is now available for editing.

The new version has the same Item Code as the original, but with a new version number.

If you render the item, you see that it also has the same Vendor ID as the original (if applicable), but a unique Local ID and GUID.

Global Item Search Results

Search Item Version

When you search globally using the Item ID (or the Vendor ID), all versions are returned.

Item Bank Search Results

View Search Results

When you search for an item in an item bank by Item ID, you find only the latest version of the item.

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