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Cloning an Item


It is sometimes easier to create a new item by cloning an existing one. You can clone the entire item or only certain parts of the item such as the metadata or the stem and responses. In all cases, the newly created item has its own Item ID and Item GUID. 

Open Item Actions

Open Item Options Menu

Locate the item and click the Item Actions icon [1]. Select the Clone Item option [2].

Select Clone Options

Select Clone Options

Select how much of the item you want to clone. You can select from the following options:

  • Entire Item [1]: create an exact duplicate of the item but with a unique Item ID and Item GUID. (Vendor ID is not copied over.)
  • Metadata Only [2]: copy the title and the metadata (including aligned standards, subject, keywords, etc.) to the new item.
  • Content Only [3]: copy the title, stem, and responses but not the metadata.
  • Do not copy anything into the new item [4]: copy the title and the new item has a unique ID and GUID.

Clone Item

Clone Item

Click the Clone Item button. The newly created item is available in draft mode.

View Cloned Item Options

View Cloned Item Options

To edit the cloned item, click the Edit Cloned Item button [1].

To close the dialogue box, click the Close button [2].

Note: The cloned item is not connected to the original item.

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