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Creating a Hotspot Stage


The hotspot stage is the common element used in all graphic-based interaction types.

Create Hotspot Stage

Create Hotspot Stage

Upload a new graphic, or browse your item bank's resources to locate a saved graphic. This graphic becomes your stage.

Note: Only upload images smaller than 500x500 (or 1000px @2x). Larger images are not recommended.

Defining Selectable Portions of Stage

Create Hotspot Stage

To define hotspot selection areas, click Capture Mode to ON [1].

To create a hotspot, click and drag your cursor to select an area on your image. The selected area displays a shaded circle [2]. You can create multiple hotspots.

Modify Hotspots

Modify Hotspots

By default, hotspots are a recommended minimum size of a 40x40 circle. However, you modify the hotspot dimensions and shape.

To change the size or shape of the hotspot, click on the hotspot [1]. Update the necessary values in the menu [2]. Then click the Save button [3].

To change a hotspot location, click and drag it to another location.

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