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Applying Tags to Items or Resources


Tags are custom metadata that go beyond the properties already supported in ItemLogic (e.g., Grade, Subject). Tags are created in ItemLogic by an administrator and then made available to users for applying to items, resources, or assessments.

To view a video on applying tags, refer to Training Videos.

To apply a tag to an item or a resource, locate or create the item or resource in an item bank. If you are working with an existing item, edit the item (i.e. make sure you are in the editor).

Click on the Tags tab.

Tags available for items are listed here. The value type (Text, Numeric, or Date) is indicated on the right. To learn more about a tag, hover the cursor over it to see a tooltip with a description of the tag (if one was provided when the tag was created).

Click into a tag box and select or enter a value.

There are different kinds of tags, some of which you can enter whatever value you want, while others give you a selection from which to choose. The image above shows a text tag where you select from the choices available.

Apply as many tags as needed. Tags with a red star are required and must be applied.

Note: Tag values are saved automatically.

Tag Types

There are a few different kinds of tags and values are specified slightly differently for each. When applying any kind of tag, click into a tag box. Then you might:

Select Values

Select Values

Some tags may require that you select one or more values from a drop-down list. The field uses predictive responses. For example, if you type "Geo," only selections beginning with "Geo" appear.

Enter Values

Entering Values

If the tag calls for entering any value, type it in [1] and then click Save [2].

Select Dates


If a date is needed for a tag, enter a calendar date.

Enter or Select Multiple Values

Entering Multiple Values

Some tags may allow multiple values to be entered. Enter one at a time and click Add after each.

Removing a Tag Value

Removing a Tag Value

To clear a tag value from any asset, locate the tag and click the Remove icon.

Creating Tags

If you are an administrator, you can create custom tags.

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