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Checking Items In and Out

Updated Mar 24, 2021

In order to prevent users from inadvertently overwriting one another's work on items, items are checked in and out. When an item is checked out to a user, only that user can edit it until they check it back in.

Open Item Editor

To check out an item for editing, click the Edit icon.

View Checked Out Item

View Checked Out Item

This opens the item in the item editor, and the item is checked out to you. When an item is checked out, you can view the checked out status on the left side of the item editor.

When you have an item checked out, you may edit it as needed. Other users cannot edit it, unless they are authorized to force edits.

Check In Item from Editor

Once you are done editing or creating an item, save and leave the item editor by clicking the Leave Editor icon.

Check In Item from Item Bank

Check In Item Outside of Editor

To check an item in from outside of the item editor, locate the item in the item list. Checked out items display an Edit icon and the name of the person who has the item checked out.

Check In Item from Navigation Menu

Check In Item from Navigation Menu

Click the Items icon [1] . Open the My Checked Out Items or the All Checked Out Items option. Right-click on an item and in the Context menu, select the Check in option [2].


  • Only administrator users, developer users, and standard users with reviewing privileges can check in items that are checked out by other users
  • You can also use the Checked Out By filter and select the is set or is conditions. Learn more about using filters.

Force Check In and Edit

When an item is checked out, other users cannot edit it. However, authorized users (administrator or developer users) who attempt to edit it are warned that it is being edited, with a message on the screen. If you are an authorized user who sees such a message, you may choose Check In and Edit to check in the item and edit the item yourself. This prevents the other user from making further edits and any unsaved edits are lost. Use Force Edit with caution. 

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