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Submitting Your Item for Review


When you are finished creating your item, you may want others to review it.

If you are in the item author or editor, the item may be in a draft state. You should first submit the item to your workflow by leaving the item editor and committing the item. 

Select Item for Review

Submit Item for Review

Locate the item in the item bank list and click the item checkbox. To send more than one item for review, select them all.

Send for Review

Send for Review

Click the Actions drop-down menu [1] and select the Review option [2]. You can choose to Send for Review (Custom) [3] or Send for Review (Stack) [4].

Send Item for Custom Review

Send Item for Custom Review

If you selected Send for Review (Custom), use the Committees tab to select committees [1] or the Users tab to select individual users [2]. Select the committee or user and click the Send for Review button [3]

Send Item for Stack Review

The Send for Review (Stack) option allows you to select review stacks, if your administrator has set those up in ItemLogic. 

View Item Error Notification

Dealing with Item Errors

ItemLogic notifies you if your item is missing something crucial. View the Submit Item Error notification [1].

To dismiss the error and return to the item editor, click the Close button [2].

View Item Missing Notification

View Item Missing Notification

ItemLogic also displays a warning if it thinks you are leaving something out, such as an optional curriculum standard [1]. To disregard the error and submit the item anyway, click the Disregard errors checkbox [2]. Then click the Close button [3].

View Submission Success Notification

View Submission Success Notification

Once your item is submitted, ItemLogic displays the following message.

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