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Understanding an Item's Status


After you author an item, it can move on in its life cycle to various states of approval. It starts in a draft state, then the item is assigned an owner and is committed to the item bank for which it is intended. After it is in the bank, you can send it for review, lock it, or publish it.

Status Icons

You can see the status of an item by looking at the icon next to the item in the item bank. Hover over the icon to see the status value.

Status Descriptions

The following table indicates various status values an item may have and what it means for the item. 


  • Item is created and visible to only the author.
  • Items created by a user with permission to "create items" must be sent to "In Moderation" for approval by the item owner.
  • Items created by a user with permission to "review items" can pass over the moderation step and go directly to "In Development."
  • If an item leaves the "Draft" state, it must be assigned an "owner."
  • As an author, to see all items you've drafted, click the Item Status icon on the top navigation bar. Then choose My Drafted Items.
  • Only the item author can view and edit the item.
  • Needs Moderation
  • In Development
  • The owner of the item must move the item from this state and commit it to the bank. An item is not included in the bank before passing this step.
  • Can be viewed by author and reviewers.
  • Can be edited by author and reviewers.
  • Draft (did not pass moderation)
  • In Development
  • Item has been accepted for inclusion in the bank.
  • Can be sent for review.
  • Can be viewed by all users.
  • Can be edited by reviewers and author.
  • In Review
  • Pass Review
  • Lock
  • Publish
  • Formal review by a user or committee; this is a more rigorous, formal review process than moderation.
  • Can be viewed by all users.
  • Can be edited by reviewers and author.
  • Reviewer can vote on an item to approve or reject the item.
  • Passed Review
  • Lock
  • Publish
  • Item did not pass review and requires further review.
  • Can be viewed by all users.
  • Can be edited by reviewers and author.
  • Passed Review
  • Item passes review, all edits have been completed.  
  • Can be viewed by all users.
  • Item may no longer be edited.
  • Lock
  • Publish 
  • Item is locked, no additional edits allowed.
  • Developer or Administrator users can unlock an item.
  • Can be viewed by all users.
  • Item may no longer be edited.
  • Publish
  • Unlock
PUBLISHED Item is complete. The item must include the following:
  • Stem
  • Vendor ID
  • Correct answer
  • Subject
  • Required tags
Available for export as QTI or consumption via API. 
May be unpublished/unlocked or checked out.
  • Can be viewed by all users.
  • Item may no longer be edited unless checked out or unlocked/unpublished. See Editing a Published Item.
  • Locked (when item is unpublished)

Status Diagram

Status Diagram

This diagram indicates how an item might move from one status to another. Your organization should set up its own workflow for an item's life cycle.

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