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Preparing an Assessment for Administration


Once you've created an assessment, you can prepare to administer the assessment to one or more students.

In order for an assessment to be administered, the assessment should first be associated with a "Release," which captures the general season and grade for the administration.

Each "Release" is then associated with various "Sessions," one for each student who will be taking the assessment. To help with the process of adding sessions, you can upload a student roster and select students from it. 

Creating a Release

To associate an assessment with a release:

  1. Click the Globe icon on the top navigation bar, and choose a workspace.
  2. Select the Assessments panel on the left. 
  3. Select the Releases panel on the left, and click New Release or select an existing one.
  4. If you click New Release, you see the following dialog. Enter appropriate information.

Note: Optionally, you may upload a roster file, which will populate all the candidate sessions for you. Click in the space labeled Click to upload a roster file, or drag one to this area and upload the file. Refer to Uploading a Roster File, below, for more information.

Click Create Release to create the release.

If you did not upload a roster file, proceed to create a session for a candidate by following the steps in Creating a Session.

Uploading a Roster File

You can upload a roster file while you are creating a release or after you create the release. This section describes both options.

Uploading when you create the release

Uploading a roster file while creating a release allows you to select which students in the roster file are taking the test, and then ItemLogic creates test sessions for each of those students. These procedures are described in this section. Alternatively, you may create sessions individually for each student, as described in the next session, "Creating a Session." 

A roster file must be a CSV file that contains a header with labels for each column. Columns can include the following (in any order):

name_middle -
candidate_id (REQUIRED) - This ID should ideally be the ID held on file by the educational authority, but at the very least must meet the following criteria: (1) the value is unique within the client (district/school) where the test is being administered, and (2) the value will always refer to a single student, across all tests ever to be administered within that client.

Here is an image of a sample CSV file:

If you upload a roster file during the release creation process, choose one or more students from the file to take the test. For example, the image below shows George and Mary are in the file, and you can select either or both:

Note: Not all fields in the file are verifiable on this screen.

Select which students should take the test, and click Create Release. Sessions are created for those students. 

Uploading after you create the release

You can import a roster file of sessions after you've created a release. Go to the Sessions panel, and from the Actions menu choose Import Sessions.

Sessions are now available for each student in the file. 

Create a Single Session

To create a test session for a single candidate, click on the title of the release from the Releases panel.

The Sessions panel is now active. Click New Session.

Enter information about the candidate taking the test. Minimally, enter a Candidate ID, First Name, and Last Name and click Submit.

You now have a session ready for at least one student, known as the candidate, whose Name and ID are listed. 

Session Details for Each Candidate

Login information and scoring details for each candidate are available. To access them from Sessions panel, click on the Session ID to open the Responses panel.

When the candidate takes the test, they will enter their Test ID [1] and Access Code [2]. Their scores will appear here after they've taken the test.

You may print assessment tickets for each candidate, so that they know how to log in and take the test. 

To print assessment tickets:

  1. Click the Globe icon on the top navigation menu, and choose the correct publisher.
  2. Select the Assessments panel.
  3. Select the Releases panel. 
  4. Click on the name of the release for which you need tickets. 
  5. From the Actions menu, choose Download Tickets. This creates a DOCX in the form of itemlogic-test-tickets-[Test Name].docx containing tickets.

You may print out these pages and cut as necessary in order to distribute them to candidates. 

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