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Viewing Assessment Statistics


For any assessment you create, you can review a statistical summary of data about the items in the assessment. This can help you easily see whether you have the right types of items you intended, or whether you need to make any changes.

To see the statistics for an assessment:

  1. Click the Globe icon in the navigation menu, and choose a workspace to which you have access.
  2. Select the Assessments panel from the left.
  3. Click on an assessment.
  4. Select the Stats panel.

The Stats panel shows information about the items in the assessment. The various sections of information are identified in the image below and described in the table that follows.

1 Summary Counts
Total Items = Number of items in the assessment
Alignments = Total number of alignments for all the items (includes Bloom's Taxonomy, Depth of Knowledge, and Difficulty associations)
Grades = Total number of different grades associated with the assessment items
Subjects = Total number of subjects covered by the items
Subscribers = Total number of leases that exist for the assessment
2 Item Types shows a line graph, counts, and percentages regarding the types of items in the assessment.
3 Details for Depth of knowledge (DOK), Bloom's Taxonomy, Subject, Grade Level, Max Points, and Stem Count (values of more than 1 indicate multi-part items) are provided with half circle pie charts, counts, and percentages.
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