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Applying Tags to Assessments


Tags are custom properties that are created in ItemLogic by an administrator for your group/publisher and then made available to users for applying to items, resources, or assessments.

If you are an administrator, learn more about Creating Custom Tags

To view a video on this topic, refer to Training Videos.

Open Assessment

Open an assessment or create a new one by clicking the Globe icon on the navigation bar [1], and selecting a workspace. Then click the Assessments panel [2]. Click on the assessment name link [3] to open the Assessment editor.

You can also create a new assessment by clicking the New button [4].

Open Tags

Click on the Tags panel from the left side [1]. Tags available for items are listed. The value type (Text, Numeric, or Date) is indicated on the right [2].

Click into a tag box and select or enter a value [3]. For more details on applying tags, refer to "Different Kinds of Tags," described in the topic, Applying Tags to Items or Resources.

The tag saves automatically.

Remove a Tag Value

To clear a tag value from an assessment, locate the tag and click the X icon.

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