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Creating an Assessment


After you've authored some items, you'll probably want to create an assessment containing those items. An assessment is a set of items grouped together into one or more sections. 

You can then proceed to put the assessment into a "Release" and schedule some student "Sessions" so students can take the assessment in the ItemLogic Assessment Player. The process for doing these activities is covered in Preparing an Assessment for Administration

Creating an Assessment

Click on the Globe icon on the navigation bar, and choose a workspace.

Click the Assessments panel from the left [1]. Click New [2].

Enter a title for the assessment and any other information you want to provide.

Click Create Assessment. The assessment appears in the list.

Click on the title of the assessment to open the Assessment Editor and add items, as described in the next section, "Adding Items."

Optionally, give the assessment a “Section Title” by clicking the gear icon. The Section Settings dialog opens. Add a title for this section of the assessment.

Adding Items

Add items to the Assessment by clicking the + icon.

Select items.

Click Add Selected Items.

You may continue adding items or click Preview to see how the assessment looks in the assessment player.

Note: In the Assessment editor, the Assessment ID is visible at the end of the URL in your browser. For example, in this URL, the ID is 8: https://app.itemlogic.com/tests/view/8

Adding Items from an Items List

Another way to add items to an assessment is from the Items panel list or another list of items. To add items this way:

Navigate to the Items panel or a similar list of items, and select items to add.

From the Actions menu, choose Assessment followed by Add To...

Select an assessment that you've already created and click Select Test. Or choose Create Assessment to create a new assessment.

Removing Items

To remove an item from a test, click the selection box and from the Actions menu choose Remove Selected

Adding a New Section

Once you've added items to the assessment, you can re-group them into different sections if you want to.

To create a new section:

Click the Actions drop-down menu and choose Create New Section.

Click in the blank space below the message that appears.

Move an item into this section from the assessment by hovering the cursor over the far left control for the item and dragging it into the new section.

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