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Creating a Crawl


After you create a Blueprint, you can create a “crawl," which triggers a scan through whatever item bank you select. It determines how many items satisfy the Blueprint, and how those numbers compare to the Blueprint. 

The steps outlined on this page demonstrate the creation of a crawl for the following Blueprint: 

Creating a New Crawl

To create a new crawl:

Select the Crawls tab of the Blueprint window and click New Crawl.

Enter a name for the crawl and select an item bank.

Click Create. The crawl runs. High-level results appear, indicating the number of specifications and how they compared to the Blueprint.

Interpret the colors accordingly:

  • Gray - No items found; none targeted on Blueprint
  • Red - Less than 50% to target
  • Yellow - Greater than 50% to target
  • Blue - 100% to target

Reviewing Crawl Results

For detailed crawl results, click the crawl name. You see the following:

  • A heat map at the top, with squares that indicate, at a glance, the results of the crawl compared to the specifications. Click on a square to see the details on the specification. In the example shown below, the red square is selected for CCSS.ELA-Literacy-RL.3.1 - DOK3.
  • Numbers on the left, indicting how many items were found.
  • Numbers on the right, indicting how many items were required according to the specifications of the Blueprint.

For example:

Tip: If you don't see the results immediately, you may need to click Refresh.

Updating a Crawl

ItemLogic allows you to make changes to a Blueprint and re-run a crawl. One way to make changes to the Blueprint is to go back to the Dimensions tab or Specifications tab, make changes, and click Save. Then, to re-run a crawl based on the new Blueprint, select the crawl on the Crawls tab and click Refresh. The crawl uses the same item bank but updates the results.

For example, if your crawl results look like this:

And you change the DOK.4 specification to 4, click Refresh to see the updated results:

You can also edit more than one specification right from the Crawls: Click the selection box to the left of one or more specifications. Then choose Actions > Edit Selected. Enter a new value in the box and click Submit. Then refresh the crawl.

What's Next?

After you see the results of a crawl, you may want to create new items to fill the gaps. One easy way to get started with that is to click the Create Item icon.

This brings up the item editor to an item already started with the dimensions according to the Blueprint. Clicking the icon shown in the image above, for example, opens the item editor to a new item that is an inline text interaction aligned to the standard CCSS.ELA-Literacy-RL.3.1 with a DOK of 3.

You can also view the items that the crawl discovered already exist using the View Items icon.

Any time you want to re-check an item bank according to a Blueprint, you can create a new crawl and view the results. 

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