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Inviting Users to Browse Items


If you are a publisher, you may want to allow certain pre-sales customers or other people to view your items for a limited time. ItemLogic allows you to send these people a link to an “invitation,” a page that has a place for them to sign up and/or log in as a user who can browse the item banks for a limited time.

The invitation experience is customizable. You can use an email of your own, or you can use the basic one from ItemLogic. You can control how long the invitation is available, as well as how long the person can browse your items. You can also allow the invitation recipients to forward the invitation to other people in their organization.

Sending an Invitation

To send an invitation to someone:

  1. Click  on the navigation bar Globe icon, and choose a workspace.
  2. On the left side, select the Users panel.
  3. From the Actions menu, choose Invite Users to Browse.
  4. Make selections in the Invite Users to Browse window.
  • Invitation Length: Choose a length of time for the invitation link to be available to the person.
  • Browse Length: Choose a length of time the person should be able to browse item banks once they’ve logged in and begun browsing.
  • If you want to allow the recipient to forward the invitation link to others who can also sign up and login, check the option for “Allow recipient to forward this invitation to others.”
  • Select the maximum number of people that may accept this invitation. For example, select 3 if you want to invite three people. You should also select 3 if you are inviting one person who can forward it up to two more people. 
  • Enter a short description of the invitation.

After you click Continue, a link is generated.

You may either select copy the link and paste it into any email you want to send, or you may populate the lower section with email addresses. If you enter the emails, a basic email containing the link is sent.

The Invitation

Once the recipient of the email clicks the link, a page such as the following is available:

The recipient can either register by signing up or log in if they have already signed up.

Note: If someone is invited via this link, they may use this link or the main ItemLogic URL.

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