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Leasing Item Banks


Leasing item banks allows one client (the owner of a bank) to license one or more item banks to another client (the lessee). This allows the lessee to access the owner's item bank(s) through ItemLogic in order to view or edit items. Leasing a bank is useful when, for example, a publisher wants to give another group access to their items to create assessments, or a publisher might want to license an item bank to a group who is contracted to create additional items for the item bank. 

Item bank owners can control the leasing experience. An owner can specify the extent to which the lessee can access, view, or edit the items. Additionally, an owner can lease only part of an item bank by limiting the items that the lessee can access.

Creating a New Lease

Once an agreement is made to lease a bank between an item bank owner and a lessee, the parties involved should follow the procedure outlined below:

Step 1 - Lessee Provides Client Access ID

The lessee needs to give the item bank owner their ItemLogic "Client Access ID." Here the steps for the lessee to follow:

  1. Log in as an administrator.
  2. Click the navigation bar Globe icon, and choose a workspace. 
  3. Select the Settings panel on the left. 
  4. Select the API Settings panel. The API Settings appear.
  5. Select and copy the "Client Access ID" located at the bottom of the page

Provide this ID to the item bank owner.

Step 2 - Owner Creates a New Lease

The owner should now:

  1. Go to the item bank to be leased.
  2. Select the Settings panel. 
  3. Select Leases
  4. Click New Lease.

Fill in the following fields on the "Create Bank Lease" window:

  1. In the "Client Profile & Primary User" field, paste in the "Client Access ID" given to you by the client. 
  2. In the "Expiration" field, enter the length of the lease in days.
  3. In the "Privileges" section, choose "Standard Use."  

Additional options appear at the bottom.

  1. Select "Yes" on any actions you'd like the lessee to be able to perform on the items in the leased bank.
  2. Click Continue. A message says "Lease Granted." 
  3. Click Okay.

The item bank is now available to the lessee in their list of item banks. All published items are also accessible by the lessee. To limit the items accessible, refer to the section below.

Granting Access to Limited Set of Items

By default, all the items in the leased bank are accessible to the lessee. If you want to give them access to a limited set of items, you may limit the items based on various properties/metadata.

To do so:

  1. Create the lease if you have not already done so. (See instructions in the section above.)
  2. Select the item bank being leased.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Select the Leases panel and click Edit.

Select the Content Filter tab.

Use the Advanced Search functionality to create a filter that finds only the items you want to lease. For example, to lease only the Science items:

Click Submit when the filters are set appropriately. 

The lessee will now see only the items that satisfy the Content Filter criteria.

Editing or Deleting Leases

You may make changes to the privileges associated with a lease or terminate a lease at any time, regardless of the expiration you provided. To edit or terminate a lease:

  1. Select the leased item bank.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select the Leases panel.
  4. Click Edit for the lease to edit or terminate.
  5. To make changes to privileges, make any changes and click Save. Or to end the lease, click Revoke Lease.
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