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Assigning Roles


When you are adding a new user or editing a user account, you can change the roles and permissions that a user has.

Assigning or Editing Roles & Permissions

If you are adding a new user following the steps outlined in Adding Users, you will see the dialog for giving roles and permissions. If you are editing a user's roles and permissions, follow these steps:

Click the Edit button located to the right of their name in the user list. The Add User dialog appears.

In the Roles & Permissions section, select one of types of users. Select whatever privileges the user should be allowed in the Privileges section. See User Privileges for details on the options.

If this user's account should expire after some number of days, click "Enable" in the Auto-Expiration section and enter a date on which the account should expire.

Note: After a user's account expires, the user can still log into ItemLogic but will be unable to access any items or item banks.

Click Continue when you are finished editing/creating the user account.

Once the account is created, the user will receive an email asking them to confirm their account and providing them with a temporary password. They will be able to log in, and then change their password to something they prefer. 

Viewing Account Information

When you look at the list of users, you can see several things about them. 

The icons represent the privileges each user has.

You can see the type of user they are by the icons in the row:

  • key indicates an Administrator.
  • hammer indicates a Developer.
  • Users without an icon are Standard users.

Turning Accounts On or Off

You can turn users ON or OFF if they should or should not be allowed to log in.

Users Accounts Near to Expire

Users with the Auto-Expiration enabled (and whose expiration date is approaching soon) are flagged with a red label indicating the number of days before the account expires. User 1A in the image below will expire in three days. 

Inactive Users

Users who haven't logged in and been active recently are flagged with a blue label indicating the number of days they have been "inactive."

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