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Training Videos (Nebraska)


The training videos listed below demonstrate some of the tasks you may be performing in ItemLogic. These are branded for Nebraska users of the NSCAS (Nebraska Student-Centered Assessment System).

Location of all videos: internal Google drive

Media Management

When you first get started in ItemLogic, you may want to populate your item banks with pieces of media your items may be referencing. Here are some videos that get you started adding media to an item bank:

  • Adding a Resource to an Item Bank (53s)
  • Adding a Graphic, Audio or Video to an Item Bank (1m 58s)
  • Adding a Passage to an Item Bank (2m 26s)

Item Authoring Basics

Item Authoring Basics

These videos introduce you to the basic tasks involved with creating an item of any type: 

  • Creating a New Item (1m 23s)
  • Using the Element Editor (3m 49s)
  • Adding a Resource as a Context (1m 42s)
  • Adding a Stimulus to an Item (1m 28s)
  • Adding a Rubric to an Item (1m 19s)
  • Adding Rationales to Item Responses (1m 52s)
  • Rendering an Item (2m 2s)
  • Previewing an Item (1m 24s)
  • Applying Tags for Custom Metadata (2m 34s)
  • Creating a Table (1m 32s)

Item Types

These videos provide an overview to creating various types of items:


  • Creating a Selected Response Item (2m 19s)
  • Creating an Extended Text Item (1m 50s)
  • Creating an Inline Text Item (3m 15s)
  • Creating a HotText Item (2m 33s)


  • Creating a Gap Match Item (3m 9s)
  • Creating a Graphic Gap Match Item (2m 54s)
  • Creating a Hotspot Item (2m 22s)
  • Creating an Order Item (2m 12s)

Item Workflow

  • Submitting an Item to Your Workflow (1m 11s)
  • Moderating an Item (1m 45s)
  • Submitting an Item for Review (1m 37s)
  • Reviewing an Item (2m 43s)
  • Watching an Item (1m 0s)


  • Searching with Filters (1m 25s)
  • Using Advanced Search (3m 29s)

Administrative Tasks

  • Adding a New User (2m 15s)
  • Creating Tags for Custom Metadata (2m 48s)
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