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Item Elements


Item Elements are the basic building blocks of your item and include the stimulus, the stem, and the rubric.

To view a video on using the item editor, refer to Training Videos.

Add Item Element

Add an Item Element

Select an item bank from the Dashboard and create a new item. Click the Add icon.

Select Element

Select Element

Select an item element. The three main elements are:

  • Stimulus [1]: the contextual content for an item. You can specify the viewer audience for the stimulus. Options include Everyone, Proctor, or Candiate.
  • Stem [2]: the action instructions or question to answer; the main part of an item. When you add a stem, you must select an interaction type.
  • Scoring Rubric: the instructions for scorers to properly score the item. Learn more about scoring rubrics.

Add Item Content

Add Item Content

Once you select an element, populate it with content. Element options include:

  • Text Editor [1]: add multi-line text, format the text, or insert images or math expressions that are already in the item bank.
  • Image [2]: upload images or insert ones already in the item bank.
  • Equation [3]: enter mathematical expressions or access the Equation Editor

Modify an Item Element

The right side of the each element is dedicated to modifying your item element. Use the following icons:

  • Re-position Element [1]: Use the Arrow icons to re-position your element relative to other elements.
  • Remove Element [2]: Remove the element completely. This action cannot be undone.

The double-headed arrow on the left side allows you to relocate elements within a section:

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