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Creating a New Item

Updated Jun 11, 2021

You can create a new item from your dashboard.

To view a video on creating a new item, refer to Training Videos.

Add New Item

In the navigation menu, click the Items link [1]. Select an item bank and then click the New Item button [2].

View Item Editor

View Item Editor

Add item elements, properties, metadata, and align an item to standards in the Item Editor. The Item Editor opens.

Add Item Stem

Click the Add icon, then click the Stem button. Select an item type/interaction. 

Select Interaction Type

Select an interaction group type [1], then select an interaction type [2]. Learn more about interaction types.

Click the Create Interaction button [3]. Item elements needed for that type of interaction appear in the item editor.

Add Content

You can now add item elements to the item stem.

Using the Item Editor

Here are the following elements in the Item Editor:

1 Elements The gray space is known as the "canvas." It displays the item elements (Stimulus, Stem, or Scoring Rubric).
2 Properties General information about this Item, which is generated by the system.
3 More Properties Click Edit to add or remove any properties/metadata, including: 
  • Tools (calculator, ruler, compass, protractor)
  • Devices (paper/pencil, tablet, desktop, phone)
  • Language/Locale
  • Subject (English/Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, History)
  • Grade Level(s) (pre-k through Grade 12)
  • Contexts (resources such as passages or graphics)
  • Alignments (curriculum standards as well as Difficulty Level, Bloom's Taxonomy, and Depth of Knowledge)
  • Alternates (related items)
4 Comments or Actions for an Element Click the word bubble icon to add or see comments. Click the gear icon to see all the actions you can take with the item element such as Edit, Delete, or Relocate. (These options vary depending on the type of Item, or its status in the Item authoring/review process.)
5 Add Item Elements Click the large plus sign to add an additional item element such as:
  • Stimulus
  • Stem
  • Scoring Rubric

See Item Elements for more information.

Saving an Item

After you add an item stem, click the Save icon.

View Item Title

The title for the item automatically becomes the first part of the item stem. Once the item is saved, you can leave the item editor and commit your item or leave it in draft state to work on it later.

Editing an Item Element

Editing an Item Element

To edit an item element, such as the Item Stem, click the gear icon within the section you want to edit, and choose Edit.

View Text Editor

View Text Editor

This opens a text editor where you can make changes to the text, apply styles, or add images or equations.  

When finished, click Submit.

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