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Viewing Items Associated with a Passage

Updated Mar 24, 2021

Because a single passage is often used as a context for several items, ItemLogic allows you to:

  • See at a glance the number of items using a passage
  • Preview those items

You may do perform these actions from either the Resources list page or from the passage editor. 

View Items From the Resources List

View Items From the Resources List

One way to discover how many and which items are using a passage is to look at the passage icon from the Resources list page. The number indicates how many items use the passage. 

Preview Item

Click on the number to open an item browser where you can preview each item:

View Items from the Passage Editor

Another way to preview the items associated with a passage is to select the passage, click the Actions menu, and choose View Items. An item browser opens, allowing you to preview each of the associated items. 

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