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Watching an Item


If there is an item you'd like to reference again later, you may "watch" the item in order to access it more easily. Watching an item adds it to your "Items I'm Watching" list (accessible from the top navigation bar), so that you can quickly get to it again later. 

To view a video on this topic, refer to Training Videos.

Select an Item to Watch

Locate the item you want to watch. If you are viewing the item from an item listing, click Preview.

If you are in the item editor, click the gear icon and choose Render Item.

Click the eyeball "watch" icon, located in the upper right corner.

The eyeball turns dark blue, and the item is added to your watch list.

View Watching Items

View Watching Items

In the Navigation bar, open the Items menu on the navigation bar [1] and select the Items I'm Watching option [2].

Stop Watching an Item

To stop watching an item, follow the steps outlined above for selecting an item to watch. Once you click the watch icon again, it turns gray, and the item is removed from your watch list.

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