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Finding a Resource


You can find passages, videos, graphics, or audio files in the Resources panel of an item bank. You can also find passages in any item bank using the top search bar.

To view a video on this topic, refer to Training Videos.

Select Item Bank Resources

To find resources in a particular item bank:

  1. Click the Item Banks icon on the navigation bar [1], and choose an item bank, or select an item bank from your home dashboard.
  2. Then select the Resources panel [2].

Search or Filter

To find a resource by its name/title or its Resource ID, type the name, title, Resource ID, or part of a name/title or Resource ID in the Search Resources field [1].

To filter the list of resources to only those that satisfy filters, click the Create Filter button [2]. Learn more about Using Filters. Note: To filter resources on properties related to items in which resources are used, use filters that begin with the word "item" such as "Item: Depth of Knowledge."

Tip: To find resources of a certain type (passages, graphics, audio or video), use the "Resource Type" filter. Use the "in" operator if you want to find more than one type of resource.

Find Passages in Any Bank

To find a passage in any item bank, use the search bar at the top of the screen to enter part or all of the passage title. Press the [Enter] key after entering a value. Passage or items from any bank that satisfy your search criteria are listed.

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