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Editing a Passage


Passages are resources that you can add as contexts to an item. They can contain formatted text, images, and mathematical expressions.

Once a passage is created (see Adding a Passage), you can edit it at any time.

Open Passage

To make edits to a passage, first locate and select the passage by following these steps:

Select an item bank from the Item Banks menu [1], select the Resources panel [2], and click on a passage to edit [3].

Tip: To more easily find a resource: 1) You can filter the list of resources. Refer to Finding a Resource for more information. 2) You can enter text into the search bar at the top of the listing to find resources of a certain title.

Edit Passage Text or Extended Properties

To make changes to passage text or to extended properties (such as Text Complexity, Grade Level, Lexile, Flesch Kincaid (FK), Ready Maturity Matrix (RMM) or Word Count), follow these steps:

From the Actions menu [1], choose Edit Passage Text [2]

The passage opens in the in the passage editor.

Make any changes textural changes in the text editor [1].

Make any changes to passage properties on the Information Tab [2]. To insert equations or images into the passage, click the icons for the image tab [3] or the mathematics tab [4]. To apply special formatting tags, click the formatting tab [5].

When you are finished editing, click the Save Passage button [6].

Edit Basic Passage Properties

To edit basic passage properties (description, copyright, Alt Text), from the Actions menu, choose Edit Properties.

The Basic Properties dialog opens:

In the Basic Properties dialog box, make any changes to the title of the passage [1], the passage description [2], the passage copyright [3], or alternative text for the passage [4]. Then click the Save button [5].

Edit Keywords

To edit keywords, click the Edit link in the Keywords area, and add or edit the keywords.

Add Property Tags

Tags are custom properties that are created and maintained by your group. Click the Tags tab to access tags.

See Applying Tags to Items or Resources for more information.

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