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Setting Your Profile Picture


Show Your Face!

The best way to identify yourself in ItemLogic is to upload a picture or an avatar that represents you. It can be of your face, your dog, your house - practically anything!

The Default

Unless you provide a custom picture, you will be represented as either of these images:

Adding a Custom Picture

To add a profile picture:

  1. Click the navigation bar Person icon.
  2. On the left side of the page, select the Image panel.
  3. Click Browse... or Choose File in the form field [1], and locate an image on your computer.
  4. Once an image is selected, click Upload Image [2]. This process may take a while. Do not click more than once; this may prolong the process.
  5. Once uploaded, your image appears on the left side of your screen [3]. This is already much more exciting than the default picture.
  6. Don't like your image? Click Remove Current Image [4] to get rid of it, and try again.
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