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Capturing Synchronization Status with an External Platform


When the item bank is connected to publish to an external platform such as Learnosity, synchronization occurs when you publish or unpublish an item. Since this synching process may be in a variety of states at any time, you may create a tag that captures the current state of the syncing process, and then work with engineering to automatically capture the sync status.

Creating a Synchronization Status Tag

To create a synchronization status tag, follow these steps (and refer to Creating Custom Tags for details):

  1. Click the Globe icon on the navigation bar, and choose a workspace.
  2. From the left side, select the Tags panel.
  3. Click into the text box that says “Add new tag…” so that additional fields appear.
  4. Fill in the properties:
  • In “Tag Label…” field, enter a name for the tag such as "Navigate Status".
  • Choose “Text” from the drop-down menu.
  • Select "Permitted" so that it is checked.
  • In the “Description” field, enter some text that describes this tag.
  • In the “Allowed Values” field, enter possible values for the tag: Pending, Published, Unpublished, Failed. (Or other status values communicated to Engineering.)
    Restrict to asset types: Select "Item" so the sync is for items.

Click Save.

Notify [email protected] that you have created the tag. You should also notify them whenever you make edits to it. 

Tip: You can search for items by synchronization status using the tag name in a filter. Refer to Finding Items or Other Assets Using Filters.  

Viewing the Synchronization Status

Once a synchronization status tag exists and an item is published, the synchronization status becomes populated. To see the status, render the item and select the Editorial tab. The "Synchronization Status" section shows the current status:

Review the status value, which is one of the following:


An item has a "Pending" status when either of the following is true:  

  • The item was published in ItemLogic but is not confirmed as being published without error in the external platform. 
  • The item was unpublished/unlocked in ItemLogic but is not confirmed as being unpublished/archived without error in the external platform.

Nightly at 2:00AM Eastern, any item whose status is Pending is automatically republished. If an error exists or the publish does not complete after two attempts:

  • The item is added to daily publish failure log and included in a daily email with the error "Item failed to publish." Those who receive the email will investigate the errors. 
  • The item's status is set to Failed.


An item has a "Unpublished" status when a published item is unpublished/unlocked and confirmed to be unpublished/archived without error in the external platform.


An item has a "Published" status when an unpublished item is published and confirmed to be published without error in the external platform.


An item has a "Failed" status when it was published or unpublished in ItemLogic but an error occurred in the process in the external platform.

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