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Importing Assessments


ItemLogic allows you to import an assessment via a CSV file containing a list of items IDs. 

Formatting the CSV File

Before importing an assessment via CSV file, the file must be in the required format. The file contents represent a single assessment to be created in ItemLogic. It should contain one column with a header that is either VendorID or ItemID. Subsequent rows contain the Vendor IDs or Item IDs for items that exist in ItemLogic. 

The following are two examples of valid CSV files:

Note: If more than one version of an item exists and ItemID is referenced, ItemLogic uses the latest version.

Importing the CSV File

To import an assessment file:

  1. Click the Globe icon on the navigation bar, and choose a workspace.
  2. Click the Assessments panel from the left.
  3. From the Actions menu, choose Import Assessment.

Enter a title for the assessment and any other information you want to provide.

Select the Tags tab of the dialog if you want to specify any tag values.

Note: The tags should already have been created and must be labeled for assessments. See Creating Custom Tags for more information.

Click Import Assessment. The Import Assessment dialog appears.

Drag the CSV file from its location in the File Explorer or your desktop to the blue space provided.Or click the blue space and then navigate to a file in its location. (Note: You may only upload one file/assessment at a time.)

Click Import Assessment. A message appears, which indicates your file is being imported. 

Confirming the Import

After you click Import Assessment, the system reviews the file for general validity. If the file cannot be imported for any reason, you will receive an email from ItemLogic explaining what needs to be fixed, and nothing is imported.

If no file problems are discovered, the assessment is created. 

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