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HotText interaction presents a set of choices to the candidate represented as selectable runs of text embedded within a surrounding context, such as a simple passage of text. Like a Selected Response (Multiple Choice) interaction, the candidate's task is to select one or more of the choices.

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Here is an example of a HotText item, initially created by the IMS Consortium.

Creating a HotText Interaction

  1. In the item editor, add a HotText interaction type.
  2. Add content to the stem prompt (ex: "Select the error in the following passage of text...").
  3. In the field labeled HotText Response, click Text Editor.

The text editor opens. Enter the entire run of text in the text editor.

Adding HotText Elements

Click the tab labeled HotText in the editor's sidebar [1]. Next, highlight the text in the editor you would like to convert to a HotText element [2], then click New HotText [3].

The selected text is converted into a HotText element, represented with a green background, as shown below. This represents text that will be selectable by the candidate. It is now listed on the HotText tab.

Repeat this process until the following words/phrases are converted to HotText:

  • 'who bought'
  • 'includes'
  • 'at least'
  • 'whose'
  • 'No error.'

Indicating the Correct Hottext Elements

To indicate which HotText element(s) are correct, select the key icon to the left of any correct HotText elements.

Click Submit. 

Your item now contains a HotText interaction. It should resemble the screenshot below, with the yellow highlight indicating the correct response from the candidate.


To specify the number of HotText elements a candidate can select:

  1. Click Customize.
  2. in the "Choices" section, enter a minimum number of choices that can be selected (Min) and a maximum number of choices that can be selected (Max).
  3. Click Save.


The candidate is then required to choose at least "Min" HotText elements and no more than "Max" HotText elements.

A HotText interaction has a maximum score of 1 and a minimum score of 0. The candidate must select all the correct HotText elements to receive 1 point. 

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