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An Extended Text interaction (also be known as Constructed Response or Open Response) allows a candidate to enter a variable amount of text in response to a prompt.

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At its most complex, this type of interaction resembles this sample item:

Creating an Extended Text Interaction

To create an extended text item:

  1. Add a stem and select the Basic tab, followed by Extended Text.
  2. Add content to your stem prompt (ex: "Explain the steps...") by typing in the text field [1] and clicking Add Text [2].
  3. In the field labeled Extended Text Response [3], enter the most desirable response expected from the candidate in the text field and click Add Text [4].


Since extended text responses are not machine-scorable, you can add a scoring rubric to define the manner by which a person should score a candidate's response. 

You can also click Customize to set a maximum or minimum score for an Extended Text item. 

Customizing an Extended Text Interaction

ItemLogic allows you to customize the experience for a candidate when responding to the item within an assessment delivery system. You can allow the candidate to format the response text. You can also change the number of lines available for the response.

To change the response text formatting or the number of lines available, click Customize.

To change the formatting option, from the Format menu, choose Plain Text (the default), Pre-Formatted Text (allows basic rich text formatting), or Structured Text (allows in-depth formatting). To change the number of lines available for the response, enter a value into Num Lines.

Click Save.

Previewing the Item

When you preview of the item, you see only the stem. You won't see the formatting options or number of lines setting in the preview, but these attributes are associated with the item when the QTI version of the item is created. Also when previewing an extended text item, clicking Reveal Key does nothing, since there is no particular "key" to reveal.

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