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Select Point (formerly referred to Graphic Coordinate in ItemLogic) is a graphic interaction where the candidate can click on one defined XY point on an image. Like Hotspot, a Select Point interaction is centered on a graphic/image. Unlike Hotspot, however, the selectable areas of the stage are not apparent to the candidate. Only the actual point selected by the candidate is indicated.


Creating a Select Point Interaction

 To create a Select Point interaction:

  1. In the item editor, add a Select Point interaction type. (It can be found in the Graphic tab.)
  2. Add content to your stem prompt (ex: "Click on the location of Richmond, Virginia.")
  3. Follow the steps for Creating a Hotspot Stage on the image. Place one hotspot on your stage so it resembles the following graphic:

You may define more than one hotspot, but be aware that the candidate is only allowed to select one spot. 

Note: The hotspot in the image above is enlarged to Diameter of 80 to give the candidate a larger correct area on which to click.

Defining Correct Hotspots

The next step is to define which hotspots are correct and/or receive a score following submission. Indicate the correct hotspots by selecting one of the hotspots from the drop-down menu. It is added to the “Correct Hotspots” list. In this example, there is only one correct hotspot. All other spots on the image are considered incorrect.

Multiple Correct Hotspots

If you have more than one correct hotspot, you should set up custom scoring for the item so that the candidate receives full credit if they select ANY of the correct hotspots. For example, in the item below, clicking either island should give the candidate full credit:

To allow each hotspot selected to give full credit, click the “Custom Scoring” checkbox [1] and then click Edit [2]. A “Score” text box appears to the right of each correct hotspot.

Enter a different number of points if desired for any of the hotspots [1]. For example, give "1" for each correct hotspot and click Save [2]. 

Candidate Interaction

When the item is presented to the candidate, the candidate may click once on the image. This creates an X spot that they can move around if necessary. 


To test the scoring, preview the item and click Score. Correct XY coordinates turn green. For example:

For more information on scoring, see Response Scores.

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