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Position Object


Position Object interaction consists of a single image that must be positioned on another image (the stage) by the candidate. Like Select Point, positionable areas of the stage are not apparent to the candidate. Only the actual position(s) chosen by the candidate is indicated.


Creating a Position Object Interaction

  1. In the item editor, add a Position Object interaction type. (It can be found in the Graphic tab.)
  2. Add content to your stem prompt (ex: "Place the lion under the tree...")
  3. Follow the steps for Creating a Hotspot Stage on the image. Place hotspots on your stage. For this example, the stage might look like this:

Adding a Token

The next step is to provide an image token for positioning onto the hotspot stage. Upload or browse to images so they are added to the "Tokens for Positioning on Stage" area. For example:

Matching Tokens and Hotspots

The next step is to define which hotspots are correct for which tokens and/or receive a score following submission. To define correct hotspots:

  1. Click the plus sign four times [1] in the Scored Matches section to define four associations.
  2. Click Source [2], then select a token from the Select Token drop-down menu [3].
  3. Click Destination and select a hotspot from the Select Hotspot drop-down menu. For this example, Token 1 can be placed in either Hotspot 1 or 2, so you would match Token 1 with Hotspot 1 and also with Hotspot 2. 

Un-assigning a Token

To un-assign a token, right-click on it to convert it back to a placeholder.

Response Scoring

You may set up custom scoring for this item. For example, in the item below, clicking either island should give the candidate full credit:

  1. Click “Custom Scoring” and then Edit. A “Score” text box appears to the right of each correct hotspot.
  2. Enter a different number of points if desired. For example, give "1" for each correct hotspot:
  3. Click Save.  

To test the scoring, preview the item and click Score. If the image is placed correctly, its border turn green.  

For more information on scoring, see Response Scores.

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