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Slider interaction consists of a selectable number line. The candidate must select a numerical value between a lower and upper bound. Here is an example of a slider interaction, as presented to the candidate:


Creating a Slider Interaction

To create an item with a Slider interaction:

  1. In the item editor, click the plus sign and click Stem. This displays the Select Interaction Type window.
  2. Click the Extra tab. 
  3. Select Slider, then click Create Interaction.
  4. Add content to your stem prompt (e.g.,: "On the slider below, click on the value …”).

A slider appears in the “Slider Response” section.

The slider defaults to:

  • Horizontal
  • Minimum value is 1
  • Maximum value is 100
  • Increments of 1
  • Steps are not labeled
  • Ascending/forward order

Click Customize [1] to change any of these aspects of the slider. Then click Save [2].

Note: Changes you make to Orientation, Label Steps, and Reverse affect only the QTI output of the item; there are no visible changes to the item within ItemLogic. 

Defining Correct Responses

The next step is to define the correct value(s). In “Scored Slider Values,” enter one correct numerical value to be scored on the "Number" tab and click Add. Repeat this for any correct values. 

Defining Response Scores

By default, scored slider values receive a score of +1.00 and all other values on the slider receive a score of -1.00 points. By default, 0 is the minimum score, so the candidate receives 0 for any incorrect answer. If you want to use different scoring, click “Custom Scoring” and then “Edit.” A “Score” text box appears to the right of each value. Enter a different number of points if desired.

For more information about scoring, see Response Scores.

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