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An Order interaction presents a set of choices to the candidate for the purpose of placing them in an order dictated by the prompt.


This article explains how to construct the following sample item:

Creating an Order Interaction

  1. In the item editor, add an Order interaction type, located in the Extra tab.
  2. Add content to your stem prompt (ex: "Order the following wars in chronological order.").
  3. Create multiple tokens for the candidate to order in the field labeled Tokens for Ordering. You can do this by entering the token [1] and clicking Add Text [2].

Specifying Correct Order

In the field labeled Ordered Response, click Select Token to Add and choose the token number that should be first [1]. In this case, choose Token 4 (King Philip's War). 

Continue adding correctly ordered responses in the following order:

  1. Token 5 (T5) Pontiac's Rebellion
  2. Token 2 (T2) Black Hawk War
  3. Token 3 (T3) World War I
  4. Token 1 (T1) Cold War

Here is what the item editor should look like after completing the item:


By default, an ordered interaction:

  • shows tokens vertically
  • includes no random shuffling
  • requires all tokens to be used
  • gives 0 points if all the tokens are not in the correct order, or x points where x is the number of tokens in correct order. 

Click Customize to make any changes using the dialog that appears:

Make changes to the following options, as needed:

  • Orientation - Change to "H" to present the tokens horizontally. For example:
  • Shuffle - Change to "Yes" if you want to randomize the order of the response tokens whenever they are presented to a candidate. (Previewing the item does not exhibit the shuffling, but the shuffle option exports as a flag to QTI.) 
  • Min and Max - Enter values in these fields if you want to force the candidate to select a minimum number of tokens or a  maximum number of tokens in order for scoring to occur. For example, if you set "Min" to 3, the candidate must put at least 3 tokens in order before scoring occurs. 
  • Min Score and Max Score - Enter values in these fields to set minimum or maximum values for the score. For example, if you set "Min Score" to 3 and "Max Score" to 5, the score is at least 3 (no matter how many tokens are in the correct order); the score is x points, where x is the number of tokens in correct order, but x cannot be more than 5.
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