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Gap Match


Gap Match interaction presents one pool of tokens that must be used to complete runs of text that have missing content. The candidate drags one or more tokens into the gaps (dashed areas) to correctly complete the text passage.

Note: ItemLogic also supports graphic and equation-based tokens.

To view a video on this topic, refer to Training Videos.


Creating a Gap Match Interaction

To create a Gap Match interaction:

  1. In the item editor, click the large plus sign and click the Stem icon. This will display the Select Interaction Type window.
  2. Click the Match tab to reveal match-based interaction types. Select Gap Match, then click Create Interaction.
  3. Enter a prompt in the Stem Prompt field such as, "Identify the missing words in the quote below."

Adding Text with Gaps

Next, add text to the "Gap Match Response" area, then insert gaps where necessary.

In the "Text with Gaps" field, click Text Editor.

When the window loads, paste or enter your text in the editor.

To replace text with gaps, first select the word you want replaced by a gap. For example, select "winter."

Select the Gaps tab and click New Gap. A gap then appears in your text as a dashed box.

Select any other words to replace with gaps and repeat the step above.

When you have added the gaps to your text, click Submit. Your item editor now shows your item response with gaps.

Adding Tokens

Once the text has gaps, create a set of tokens that will be provided to the candidate for the purpose of completing the gaps:

Enter text for the token in the text field of the "Tokens" section. For example, type "winter." You may also add images and equations.

Click Add Text. The newly-created token becomes listed in the Tokens field. Repeat this process to add each token. 

Repeat this process to add each token. Each distinct token should have a different identifier next to it (T1, T2, T3, etc...).

Pairing Tokens with Gaps

Finally, define which token-to-gap pairs will be scored. By default, all pairs not listed in the "Scored Matches" field will receive a score of -1.

To create a scored association, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Plus icon in the "Matches" section [1]. This will create a blank "Source (token)-to-Destination (gap)" interface.
  2. Click the placeholder labeled "Source" [2]. 
  3. Then select the token number from the drop-down list [3]. The name of the token replaces the word "Source."
  4. Click the placeholder labeled "Destination" [4] and select the appropriate gap number [5] from the drop-down list. The name of the gap replaces the word "Destination."

Repeat the process until your editor shows which tokens should complete the gaps.

Defining Token Usage

By default, each token can be used an unlimited number of times. To set a minimum and maximum number of times a token can be used:

Click the Limits icon next to the token.

In the Edit Match Limits dialog, enter the number of times the token MUST be used (Min Uses; default is 0) and the most number of times the token can be used (Max Uses; default is infinite).

Click Submit. The usage limits are displayed.

What's Next?

You may want to create custom Response Scores for each scored match, preview or render your item, or save and submit it for review.

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