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Line Plot


Line Plot interaction presents a line plot for students to create and remove X marks above each data point. A candidate must click and drag the controller (pre-set at the bottom axis by default), indicating the correct number of X marks at the correct label.

You may customize the graph to add a title or an x-axis label. You may also limit the number of X marks allowed or the number of labels allowed.


Creating a Line Plot Interaction

  1. In the item editor, click the plus sign and click Stem. This displays the Select Interaction Type window.
  2. Click the Graphing tab to reveal graphing interaction types.
  3. Select Line Plot, then click Create Interaction.
  4. Add content to your stem prompt (ex: "The teacher counted 4 blue jays ... ").

Add Labels to the Graph

In the Line Plot Response section, click the + to add x-axis labels. Click the + for as many labels as you need.

For each label:

  1. Enter a name for the label [1] and press [ENTER].
  2. Enter a value indicating the correct number of X marks to be plotted at the label [2]. This should be less than 10. 
  3. Click Add Value [3].
  4. If more than one value is acceptable for the plot, add them.

You may use the "Preset" drop-down menu [4] to set a default number of X's at the label. 

Click "Not Scored" [5] if the plot should not be scored. This can be useful if you want to display plots on the graph for the candidate to refer to (background plots).

Removing Labels

To remove a label from the graph, click the trash can icon located directly to the right:

Customize the Graph

You may customize the appearance of the graph by adding things such as a title or x-axis label. 

To change the appearance of the graph:

  1. Click Customize. The Chart Editor appears.
  2. Make changes using the options available. To add a title to the chart, enter something into the "Chart Title" field [1]. Use "X-Axis Label" [2] for a title below the labels. Set "Max Plots" [3] if  you want to limit the number of X plots per label. Set the "Plot Lines" [4]  if you want to limit the number of labels allowed on the graph.
  1. Click Update Chart Preview [5] to see how the changes will look.
  2. When you are finished editing, click Close


For each label having the correct number of X plots at it, the candidate receives +1.00 point.

Preview the item to test the scoring and see how the candidate will interact with the item.

Note: If you have more than one value per label, the candidate receives +1.00 point if the plot matches any of the the correct values.

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