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Line Graph


Line Graph interaction presents a line chart on which a candidate may raise or lower values on defined data points. A candidate must click and drag the points on the line to the correct spots on the y-axis.


Creating a Line Graph Interaction

  1. In the item editor, click the plus sign and click Stem. This displays the Select Interaction Type window.
  2. Click the Graphing tab to reveal graphing interaction types.
  3. Select Line Graph, then click Create Interaction.
  4. Add content to your stem prompt (ex: "2 Birds were spotted ... ").

Adding Labels to the Graph

In the Line Graph Response section, click the + to add points on the x-axis. Click the + for as many points as you need.

For each point, there is a section where you can label it and enter a numeric value for the correct y-axis value. For example:

Use the "Preset" drop-down menu to set a value for the default y-value of the points on the line. 

Customize the Graph

You may change the appearance of the graph by adding a title, or axis labels, etc. To change the appearance of the graph :

Click Customize. The Chart Editor appears.

Make changes using the options available, and to see how they look, click Update Chart Preview.

When you are finished editing, click Close

Scoring and Previewing

Each point on the line receives +1.00 point. 

Preview the item to test the scoring and see how the candidate will interact with the item.

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