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Accessing Your Certify Scorecard

Updated May 07, 2021

Certify validates and monitors data in your student information system. When data errors are identified, you receive an Email Notification showing the data errors – called “violations” – that were found. The email shows each “rule” that found violations. Data is refreshed each day. If no violations were found, you do not receive an email.

  1. At the top of the email, you see these instructions: “Please click here to view the scorecard and detailed results.”
  2. Once you click the link, you are taken to a login screen, where you enter your user name (email address) and password. 

Your school’s Data Certification Scorecard appears.

Review Your Data Certification Scorecard

The Data Certification Scorecard has several helpful components:

  • Upper left: The date on which the data was validated and the school reflected in the Scorecard.
  • Upper middle: The Data Certification Score is a metric that shows the overall quality of the data, with a score of 100 indicating no errors.
  • Upper right: Errors by Severity Levels. Each rule is given a Severity Level based on its general importance for the district’s state reporting.
  • Lower section: Below the blue line in the Scorecard, you see a list of the rules that were violated.

Open the Data Certification Results Window

To see a detailed set of records in error, click on the value in the Number of Violations column for the rule you want to examine. This opens the Data Certification Results window.

Sort the Values

You may sort the values in any column of the Data Certification Results window by clicking on the column title.

Run a Frequency Distribution Report

To summarize the information in the table, run a frequency distribution report by selecting one or more columns and clicking the Run Frequency Distribution button.

Get More Info

To see more information about a rule, click the More Info button on the "Data Certifications Results" window.

You may also be able to view a Prescription by clicking the link in the Rule Description field.

Access Your Scorecard Daily

Making data review and correction a daily, ongoing process will help to:

  • reduce the time required to clean up data
  • help ensure that your school is receiving adequate funding
  • assist administrators in making sound decisions based on high-quality data

If you need assistance with Certify, contact your district’s Certify coordinator.

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