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Subscription Renewal Notice Review Instructions

Updated Mar 24, 2021

Subscription Renewal Notice Review Instructions

Thank you for helping out with Software Renewal Notice (SRN) Q&A process during our peak renewal season. 

Per our conversation this morning, below are some basic steps and instructions on how to look for the information in Sf.com and confirm it matches the information on the SRN.

In Salesforce.com:

  1. Go into upcoming Certify opportunity (i.e., look at subscription dates to identify the “upcoming” opportunity)
  2. Go to “contact roles” and look for primary contact

        Confirm: Does the “primary” name on the opportunity match the name on the SRN?

  1. In the “notes and attachments” section in sf.com, open “enrollment source” attachment

Confirm: Does the number in the enrollment attachment match what is in the “account detail” section in Sf.com and what is on the SRN. If there is a discrepancy between what is on the enrollment attachment and what is noted in the “account detail” section in sf.com, look to the footnote section of the SRN. If there is a charter school enrollment exclusion note in the footnote, the discrepancy makes sense, if not, forward back to Wendy noting the discrepancy. Either it is a true discrepancy and the figure needs to be fixed or Wendy just needs to add the charter exclusion footnote.

  1. Go to “Certify License & Deployment Information section” in Sf.com

Confirm: Are all entitlements captured on SRN correctly.

  1. Go to back into the opportunity and go to “Products (Standard Price Book)” in sf.com

Confirm: Do the renewal period and renewal subscription fee match the SRN?  Does the price per student (noted in the footnote section of SRN) also matchSf.com.

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