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Re-run ETL Process

Updated Mar 24, 2021

Re-run ETL Process 

To rerun the ETL process:

    1. The ETL process will execute any active steps that have not been run in the last 24 hours (JOB_START).  It will skip any inactive steps (IS_ACTIVE = 0).  Then it will call the notification process. 

    If you want to rerun any active steps that have already executed in the last 24 hours, set that steps JOB_START back 1 day (GETDATE() - 1).

    update ETL_CONTROL

    set JOB_START = JOB_START - 1

    where NCESLEAID = '4826790'

    update ETL_CONTROL

    set job_Status = 'Completed'

    where NCESLEAID = '4826790'

    2. Go to the Data Gateway Server: https://dg.certifymydata.com

    3. Login using your account

    4. Click on Agent Name/District to rerun

    5. Click Acquisition Name to rerun

    6. Under Recent Data Acquisition Runs, click the Date Created to rerun

    7. Copy the Post-Acquisition SQL Text 

    8. In SSMS, use DATA_GATEWAY database 

    9. Open new query window and enter "exec"

    10. Paste Post-Acquisition SQL Text here. 

    11. Remove brackets, parentheses and the keyword "call".  Your SQL should look like this now: exec uspSubmitRunEtlRequest 'DATA_GATEWAY', 23880, 'Patterson CA', '0630030', 'CA'

        a. Get this from Data Gateway Manager app. Go to last successful acquisition and grab post-acquisition SQL Database

        b. Click Execute button.  This will queue the ETL run request for the server to run when it is ready

    12. You can check ETL_LOG table to see progress:

    select * from ETL_LOG where NCESLEAID = '0600064' 

    order by ID desc

        a. Look for "Observations triggered"

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