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HR Finance Validations Provisioning

Updated Mar 24, 2021

HR Finance Validations Provisioning

HR Finance Provisioning 

Create eFinance acquisition.  Use DataUploadsInsert to copy data uploads from another district like Judson. Schedule it to run before the CRL acquisition since ETL runs for both but only when kicked off by the CRL acquisition. 

Run test acquisition without ETL. 

Add records to ETL_Control for SIS =  EFINANCE. You can use SPROC uspLoad_ETL_Control_Table_Data. However, be sure to add a condition to the where clause limiting the SIS to EFINANCE. Review the results comparing to another district like Judson. 

You’ll have to wait for the overnight CRL process to run to verify data makes it into CRL summary as there is no way to only run EFINANCE ETL. Or you can manually run each EFINANCE SPROC one at a time. 

In certify_rule_variable add record for RuleVariable = ‘Active_Status’ and RuleVariableValue = ‘EMPLOYEE_FILTER’.  Add all the inactive status types to ETL_PARAMETER to filter them out of the results. Use this query to find the statuses. 

select * from [4807590_EFINANCE_999_statustb] 

Enable HR Finance Scorecard in NextGen. 

Use queries to initially populate HR Finance Variables spreadsheet. Set up session to review with customer. This is the hardest part because often they have no idea what variables we should use. 

Once you have some idea of what variables to use, add them to ETL_PARAMTER and CERTIFY_RULE_VARIABLE. 

Run the schedule and review the results. 

Review results with customer. These Scorecards need A LOT of fine-tuning and exclusions. A good deal of back and forth with the customer is often required. 

Add users In NextGen. 

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