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How to create a Feature Request:Story

Updated Mar 24, 2021

Today, I noticed that there were a few Feature Requests that had been entered but I didn’t remember ever discussing in our monthly meetings.  I found that some of the items were not created and/or flagged properly to show up in the query that is used.  I have updated these but wanted to send a reminder to everyone on how to properly create Feature Requests (Stories) so that they will appear in the query and therefore be discussed in the scheduled meeting.

  1. Type: Must be a Story.  You can tell by the icon if it is a story or not.  If you don’t know, put your cursor over the icon and it will tell you.
  2. Assignee: Must be assigned to me.  If something is being requested to be added to Certify, I need to know about it.  Therefore, please assign it to me.
  3. Labels: It must have two labels.  One must be “Groom” and one must be “FeatureRequest”.  If you start to type either of these words into the field, they will show up in a list and you can select them, then they will show in the ticket like in the image below.

If at any time, you wonder what is going to be discussed in the next Feature Request meeting or you just created a ticket and want to make sure it will appear in the meeting, you can run the query below.  It will show you all the tickets that are currently slated to be discussed in the upcoming Feature Request meeting.


These instructions have also been added to the Certify Knowledge Base here.

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