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How to configure Views

Updated Mar 24, 2021

There are times when you need to configure Views, particularly before re-running ETL, and here is how to do it:

Step 1. Check for any ETL that is currently running using this script.

You want to configure Views only when there is no ETL running.

Be sure that there are no data acquisition re-runs that will trigger ETL while you are working on this, too.




Step 2. Run this sproc to configure views. 

Be sure to use district-specific NCES in place of Xs.

exec uspConfigure_SIS_Views 'XXXXXXX'

Step 3. Run the script from the Jira ticket that corrects the issue that caused the ETL error in the first place.

This will vary widely from issue to issue. Here is a script I used for CA-8041.


SET [CAL-DAYS] = 0.00 

where PUB_CALENDAR_DAY.[CAL-DATE] = '05/31/2021'

ANd PUB_CALENDAR_DAY.[calendar-id]='908'

ANd [ENTITY-ID] = '902'

Step 4. Run ETL the 'normal' way.

Don't forget to reset ETL if the next ETL is scheduled within 12 hours.

This step is needed if you configured Views in order to re-run ETL.

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