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Escalation process - April 2020

Updated Mar 24, 2021


All escalations for Current and NextGen Certify need to follow the same process:

1. Add the "Escalation" tag to your Freshdesk ticket.

2. Email escalation request

    a. To: "Certify Client Services Escalation"

        i. This includes Charles Childre, Keith Brown, Peter Tweed, and Client Services: Certify.

        ii. If Charles is on PTO then send to the designated point of contact for escalations and copy Charles

    b. Subject: ESCALATION | [Customer Name & Issue]

    c. Information to include:

i. Explanation of issue

ii. Reason for the urgency of escalation

iii. Jira Bug

iv. Other supporting information

    d. Set email to “High Importance”

3. Escalation will be evaluated and assigned to the appropriate resource based on availability and impact on current work.

4. Email thread will be used for status updates on the escalation.

Requests for the dev team to look at issues outside the current release work must go through Keith and me so that we can evaluate the request as well as the impact to what the team is currently working on.


Charles Childre

Director, Software Engineering

Certica Solutions, Inc.

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