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Data Gateway Agent Offline

Updated Mar 24, 2021

Data Gateway Agent Offline 

Good morning, XX, 

Unfortunately, your Certify Data Gateway Agent appears to be offline since XX, preventing the acquisition and validation of your XX data required to generate your CRL Scorecards today. Can you check the following?

• Is the Data Gateway Agent computer (XX) powered up and running?

• Can the Data Gateway Agent computer successfully browse to https://dg-XX.certifymydata.com/DataGatewayServer/?

• Has either the Data Gateway Agent computer or the district's external IP address (and/or range) changed recently? (This would prevent it from accessing our site because we maintain an allowlist on our side and may need to update it with any recent changes.)

• If those two items are in working order, please restart the two Data Gateway Agent Windows Services ("Data Gateway Agent Engine", "Data Gateway Agent Manager") that are running on the Data Gateway Agent computer.

Please let us know if you have something down for maintenance and when the system/s will be available again. If you need any assistance getting the agent back online, please let us know. We are happy to help!  

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