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CRL Scorecard Availability (Easier to read)

Updated Mar 24, 2021

Attendance Alerts - DAR  No INFCAMP
Attendance Alerts - School No INFCAMP
Attendance Validations - DAR CONROE Only
Attendance Validations - School CONROE Only
Courses and Credits Validations - DAR TEXAS Only
Demographic Validations - School
Disadvantaged Status Validations - DAR
Disadvantaged Status Validations - School
Discipline Action Alerts - DAR
Discipline Action Alerts - School
Discipline Validations - DAR
Discipline Validations - School
English Language Learner Validations - School
Enrollment Alerts - DAR
Enrollment Alerts - School
Enrollment Validations - School
FRPM Program Validations - DAR
FRPM Program Validations - School
Graduation Readiness - DAR TEXAS Only
Graduation Readiness - School TEXAS Only
HR-Finance Validations - DAR EFINANCE Only
Local Control Funding Formula Alerts - DAR CALIFORNIA Only
Local Control Funding Formula Alerts - School CALIFORNIA Only
Special Program Validations - School
Staff Data Validations - DAR CALIFORNIA Only
Staff Data Validations - School CALIFORNIA Only
Student Data Validations - DAR
Student Data Validations - School
Student Data Validations - School (No SPRG)
Student Health Validations - DAR CALIFORNIA Only
Student Health Validations - School CALIFORNIA Only
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