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CertifySEIS Provisioning

Updated Mar 24, 2021

CertifySEIS Provisioning 

In Certify NectGen, enable SEIS project and Report. 

Populate SEIS_GRADE_XRF table in SEIS_SUMMARY database. 

Add SEIS Enrollment filter to Certify_Rule_Variable. 

select * from CERTIFY_RULE_VARIABLE where CertifyRule = 'SEIS'  

Follow the following steps from File Loader Provisioning Guide document: 

Add record to CUSTOMERS table in CUSTOMERS db 

Add record to DISTRICTS table in CUSTOMERS db 

Copy row in the Import_Settings table in the SEIS_FILE_LOADER db. 

Add UNK / Unknown to the schools in NextGen. 

Create a support account and grant it access to load files. Run sample file and review results. Schedule Scorecard review and training session. 

Add SEIS report to users in NextGen. 

Grant File Loader permissions using SPROC: 

use CA_CertifyRepository 


    @USERNAME = 'supporthickman' 

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