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Bad email:domain combos

Updated Mar 24, 2021

Bad email/domain combos 

There is a SQL job that runs daily to check for new Certify users with a non-matching email domain compared to the others for the district. 

The purpose of this email is to prevent us from using the wrong NCESLEAID and email combination resulting in a district receiving data for another district.

For example, if all users have the email domain "@SampleISD.net" and a new user is created with "@SampleIndependentSchoolDistrict.net", an email is sent to SUPPORT@CERTICASOLUTIONS.COM to create a case to address the issue.

There are two possible outcomes:

1. The new email domain is wrong and you need to correct the user account, or

2. The new email domain is acceptable and you need to add an exception.

For instances where you believe the email is acceptable for the district, add a record to the following table:


select * from GOOD_DOMAIN_COMBOS

Be sure to add in the correct DB instance for the district. (TX/AO, CA, or CEE)

Due to the importance of the issue, it is imperative these cases are reviewed and resolved quickly.

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