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Updating ADA Variable for Texas Districts

Updated Mar 24, 2021

Updating ADA Variable for Texas Districts 

Once a year, usually sometime after Fall Snapshot date, the ADA Variable should be updated for each Texas district.

Go to SalesForce and look up the Number of Students in District.

Then go to Certify NextGen and update the Average Daily Attendance.

For Harmony Public Schools,. you'll also need to manually update the CertifyPEIMS schedules for each district. Use the TEDS district search to get the enrollment as of Oct number.

Manually update the varADA for the Harmony schedules with the name WEEKLY in them for all 4 submissions. There should be 28 schedules total.  Keep in mind the schedule will run when you save it so either disable notifications first or save as disabled and then enable using Enabling Schedules Via Database.

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