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Summer Rollover Process

Updated Mar 24, 2021

Summer Rollover Process 

Send Certify Rollover & Planning summer survey communication to all districts. The survey helps to determine when to rollover a district to the upcoming school year. If the district does not answer the survey, you will want to create a ticket to determine when to do the rollover. If they never answer, check their school calendar to see when school starts and do the rollover right before. 

Some districts will request that Certify is turned off during the summer. Typically, we disable their acquisition to accommodate. If they have weekly schedules be sure to disable them as well. Some districts may elect to leave Certify on for district users and turn off for school users. In that case, turn off notifications for school users in NextGen by exporting a file disabling notifications and importing the changes as an update. 

Rollover Process

Work with marketing to send communication.

Create a rollover case for each district. 

Track process using a Trello board (https://trello.com/b/HhF34zud/2019-2020-rollover)

Update Agent or Customer Parameter Values:

 - Go to the respective instance (https://dg-tx.certifymydata.com/DataGatewayServer)

 - Search online for Upcoming School Year Calendar

 - Update with end of current school year (ie. 2017-2018)

 - varSchoolYear '2018'

 - varSchoolYearStartDate  '08/21/2017'

Aeries Districts:

 Update with current school year (ie. 2017-2018)

 - varSchoolYear '2017'

 - varSchoolYearStartDate '08/21/2017'

 Update Source Database 

 - Click Data Acquisition Name link

 - Click Edit to update Data Source 

 - Update JDBC Connection URL with Database Name

   ex. DatabaseName=DST16000LUHSD (update the year '17'  = DST17000LUHSD )

Update School Year and Custom Dates in CPCAEPCSC-SQL01 (PROD-CRL-DB) or CPCAEPCAC-SQL01 (PROD-CA-DB) 


 Update ETL_CONTROL table run script:


      update etl_Control 


      where NCESLEAID = 'xxxxxxx'

      select * from ETL_CONTROL where NCESLEAID = 'xxxxxxx'

 Update ETL_PARAMETER table run script:


      update etl_parameter

      set school_year = SCHOOL_YEAR + 1

      where NCESLEAID = 'xxxxxxx'

      update etl_parameter

      set last_changed_by = 'username', last_update = GETDATE()

      where NCESLEAID = 'xxxxxxx'

Results ie. (11 rows Updated)

Select DATA_GATEWAY_ETL database

 - Expand Tables


 - Right Click Edit Top 200 Rows

 - Filter by NCESLEAID

Update the following columns in ETL_PARAMETER using the district's school calendar: 

 BEG_CUSTOM_1 (1st day of school)

 END_CUSTOM_1 (Last day of 1st semester)

 BEG_CUSTOM_2  (2nd Semester start date)

 END_CUSTOM_2  (Last day of school)

 BEG_CURR_MARKING_PERIOD  (1st day of current semester)

 END_CURR_MARKING_PERIOD  (Last day of current semester )

 BEG_YTD (1st day of school)

 END_YTD (Last day of school)

 NUM_PERIODS (Do not change)

 BEG_CURR_SEMESTER  (1st day of current semester)

 END_CURR_SEMESTER  (Last day of current semester)

** Infinite Campus does not have attendance and typically won't have anything in ETL_PARAMETER.**

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